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Patient Benefits

Take CARE with reduced radiation dose
Low dose to your patient without sacrificing image quality is essential for successful diagnostic and interventional examinations. This is why AXIOM Artis U is equipped with our latest Siemens CARE applications (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure):

CAREMATIC – for automatic exposure control
CAREFILTER – for automatic pre-filtration
CAREVISION – provides reduced pulse rates during lengthy fluoroscopy for additional dose reduction
CAREPROFILE1 – for the radiation-free positioning of all collimators and filters for dose reduction
CAREWATCH – displays current dose values for radiation monitoring

Short procedure times

AXIOM Artis U ensures you excellent image quality and virtually no tube overheating. Its X-ray tube heat capacity is more than two times that of typical portable C-arm systems. This enables you to deliver high-level patient care in short procedure times.




System configuration and installation support
With our experienced staff of service engineers worldwide, we support you during every step of the planning and installation phase of your new system. Our qualified technicians meet the individual needs of your clinic. To minimize downtime and reduce costs, system installation is conducted quickly and efficiently.

On-site applications training

Staff training and support programs are of vital importance for handling the demanding challenges arising in your clinical environment, particularly given the rapid pace of technological advancements. Our global application team, a group of highly trained and experienced specialists, is committed to assisting your staff in quickly acquiring the skills needed for operating the systems. As part of our comprehensive services package offer and dedication to professional partnership, these valuable resources are available to you.

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