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A multitude of benefits

The portfolio of AXIOM Artis U introduces a multitude of benefits for the clinical team and patients: ease of use, high image quality, dose reduction, and DICOM connectivity. The system is recommended for

  • Angiography
  • Cardiology
  • Vascular surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • Neuroradiology
  • Anaesthesiology/Pain therapy

Ease of use

Ergonomic and efficient handling qualities of the C-arm, image intensifier and system control functions make AXIOM Artis U an extremely practical system to work with. The room-mobile design enables you to easily move the C-arm across the room. All in all, our user-friendly AXIOM Artis U allowes you optimized workflow with

  • Fast and easy C-arm positioning
  • Complete system control within arm's length
  • A quick and easy to learn user interface

Image quality

AXIOM Artis U ensures you excellent image quality from the point of acquisition to processing and display, for all your imaging needs, featuring:

  • High power generator to penetrate even dense anatomy
  • High DQE image intensifier providing excellent image quality at reduced dose
  • High detail resolution with full size CCD camera
  • High heat capacity X-ray tube to avoid overheating issues
  • Full post-processing functionality1

In addition, Digital Density Optimization (DDO)1 – a full image compensation function to harmonize the gray step distribution of an image – supports AXIOM Artis U’s outstanding image quality. DDO is particularly effective in achieving greater resolution in areas with high density variation. Even the slightest vascular structures above transparent regions become clearly visible.


Our design engineers never lose sight of patients and staff. As a result, AXIOM Artis U is equipped with our latest Siemens CARE applications (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) ensuring you high image quality at low dose.


AXIOM Artis U supports all DICOM 31 services. As such, it communicates seamlessly with your clinic’s existing or planned IT environment (e.g. HIS, RIS, CIS or PACS). With the integrated CD burner1 of the imaging system’s computer, AXIOM Artis U also transfers examination results directly to CD for documentation and storage.

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