Cios Alpha

See the power with Full View FD.

With greater vision comes greater confidence in performing and evaluating even the most complex procedures. The Full View flat detector technology at the heart of Cios Alpha1 provides both: outstanding image quality and a field of view that is up to 25 percent larger2, even during image rotation.

Cios Alpha is the most powerful 25kW3 mobile C-arm system on the market. The power will be there when you need it, especially for high penetration and long operations. An active cooling system3 protects against overheating and ensures stable system performance.

Cios Alpha’s intelligent features are designed for flexible, efficient operation and seamless integration into your workflow. Its compact detector design provides extended free space for excellent patient access while the remote user interface3 and the motorization package with position storage3 give surgeons full control from the sterile field for complete versatility. Saving time and effort.

Cios Alpha covers the surgical imaging needs of all relevant clinical disciplines in a single system. From vascular and cardiac surgery to gastroenterology, urology, trauma and spine surgery. Whatever your surgical discipline, Cios Alpha integrates seamlessly into your workflow. And thanks to its advanced vascular tools including the unique live graphical overlay for enhanced precision during interventions, Cios Alpha offers optimal vascular workflow support.

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1Cios Alpha is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

2Compared to today´s conventional image intensifiers