Share your wi-D

A smart way to lower your investment

Every day the wireless detector wi-D™ shows proven flexibility in the

  • radiography system Ysio
  • mobile X-ray system Mobilett Mira
  • fluoroscopy systems Luminos dRF and
  • Luminos Agile with Ysio option.

Do you have systems that are not busy over a whole day?
Then wi-D sharing could be an option for you.


For example, you can use the wi-D for the mobile ward rounds in the morning and in the fluoroscopy room in the afternoon.


Share your wi-D and benefit:

  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Add more wi-D’s if demand grows
  • Integrated charging in all systems keeps the wi-D ready to go 


Learn more about the wi-D used in

Luminos Agile