Green+ Check: Hospital St. Georg Leipzig

St. Georg Leipzig, Germany is the first hospital that has successfully completed a new sustainability evaluation developed by Siemens: the Green+ Check. The Green+ Check is a thorough analysis of a hospital’s sustainability. Unlike other sustainability checks, it does not focus exclusively on steps taken to protect the environment, it also takes into account the efficiency of processes and quality of medical care


  • Hospital St. Georg Leipzig: General Hospital and academic teaching hospital of the university under municipal sponsorship
  • 1,030 beds at location Eutritzsch
  • Interest to develop Sustainability action plan as basis for further improvements



  • Initial situation assessed with Green+ Check
  • Green+ Score of 56 proves already good performance with respect to sustainability
  • Strengths as well as areas with room for improvement of hospital determined
  • Good quality of medical services, efficient processes, communication with employees and local public, sustainable financial situation
  • Potential for further improvements especially with respect to energy efficiency and IT
  • Potential for energy savings of more than 600,000 EUR p.a. identified*
  • Implementation of seven suggested and prioritized improvement packages planned