BioMatrix Technology

Embrace human nature

BioMatrix Technology embraces human nature in MRI.

Patients have unique, individual characteristics – biovariabilities. Different physiologies and anatomies – but also the way we interact with them and technology – cause unwarranted variations in imaging results. BioMatrix Technology helps to overcome these challenges by embracing human nature: Instead of expecting patients to adjust to the technology, BioMatrix automatically adjusts to the individual patient. Only by embracing human nature can we truly personalize examinations and help expand precision medicine.

Accelerate your MRI workflow

Transform care delivery with BioMatrix and GO technologies for an optimized MRI workflow. From patient preparation to result distribution, the new level of MRI workflow streamlines your clinical operations efficiently, by using intuitive and AI based technologies.

MAGNETOM Vida with BioMatrix technology

Prof. Dr. Konstantin Nikolaou, Medical Director Diagnostic and Interventional radiology, and Prof. Dr. Mike Notohamiprodjo, Senior physician Magnetic resonance imaging from the University Hospital Tübingen, Germany, are the first users of our new MR scanner MAGNETOM Vida with BioMatrix technology. Listen to their first experiences with the new system!

Clinical Image Gallery

See the consistent, high-quality personalized exams based on the BioMatrix technology.

BioMatrix Sensors

Anticipate motion for high-quality results
with BioMatrix Sensors

Motion is a challenge in MRI, as it can dramatically decrease image quality, limiting consistency in scans and leading to costly rescans. Deeply embedded in the system architecture, BioMatrix Sensors capture respiratory, cardiac1 and head2 motion for increased consistency. This allows the user to choose the optimal exam strategy, and ensure consistent high-quality results.

The Respiratory Sensors automatically detect breathing patterns as soon as the patient lies on the table. This provides a simplified workflow as respiratory triggered scans can be performed without additional user interaction.

The Beat Sensor1 is seamlessly integrated into the BioMatrix Body 123. It is designed for automatic cardiac triggering – without the need for ECG leads.

The Kinetic Sensor2 in the scanner bore records real-time head motion information. It is designed for prospective motion correction for high-quality exams.

BioMatrix Tuners

Adapt to challenging anatomies for reliable exams
with BioMatrix Tuner

BioMatrix Tuners adapt to challenging anatomies, such as the head/neck area, the spine and the abdomen, for reliable exams. Even for difficult scan regions, our intelligent coil technology consistently delivers excellent homogeneity and fat saturation – driving robustness and reproducible high-quality imaging – for every patient, every time.

Integrated into the new BioMatrix Head/Neck coils, CoilShim increases diagnostic quality and reduces the need for repeat scans by delivering improved fat saturation and better DWI quality in the neck region. CoilShim technology ensures that the challenging area is automatically and optimally shimmed for reproducible quality in every patient.

SliceAdjust technology provides distortion-free whole-body DWI scans as well as reliable fat saturation for both DWI and TSE sequences4. It avoids broken spine artifacts in whole-body DWI for excellent correlation with anatomical scans.

BioMatrix Interfaces

Accelerate patient preparation for increased efficiency
with BioMatrix Interfaces

BioMatrix Interfaces simplify how the user interacts with the scanner and the patient, accelerating patient preparation in order to increase quality and improve cost-effectiveness. No matter how tall, big, or mobile a patient is – or how experienced the technologist is – BioMatrix Interfaces speed up the workflow for increased efficiency.

With one-touch positioning on the Select&GO touch display based on the underlying BioMatrix Body Model artificial intelligence is employed to accelerate patient positioning by up to 30%4. Delays due to incorrect positioning can now be avoided. The user simply selects the region or organ to be scanned on the touch display and the patient is automatically and precisely positioned for the respective scan.

The BioMatrix dockable table with eDrive support provides motorized assistance so that even the heaviest patient can be effortlessly moved to and from the scanner.

Produkty, usługi i zasoby powiązane

1Cardiac Triggering is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

2The motion correction framework and all associated sequences are still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

3The product is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

4Data on file.