BN II System

Confidence in plasma protein results

BN II System
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The BN™ II System uses the nephelometric technology for plasma protein determination and supports the clinical management of a variety of disease states, such as cardiovascular risk, gammopathies, rheumatoid diseases, inflammation, kidney disease and others.

The BN II System provides automation and flexibility of use, enabling you to load samples or reagents at any time.

It delivers reliable results, increases your productivity, and is highly cost-effective.
The BN II is a fully automated protein analyzer that contributes to a more efficient determination of proteins.



















The BN II System provides you with:


Increased workflow efficiency:

  • Up to 100 samples onboard
  • Average effective throughput of approximately 130 tests/hour
  • Primary tube capabilities for less hands-on time to prepare samples
  • Bidirectional host interface to reduce the time needed to enter job lists and validate laboratory results
  • Full automation for less operator intervention to obtain final patient results
  • Specimen level detection and positive barcode identification for samples, reagents, standards and controls to reduce human error
  • Multi-lot management allowing the handling of up to 3 batches of reagents per assay during the same processing period
  • Minimum reruns with wide measuring ranges
  • Extended onboard reagent stability with anti-evaporation caps


Confidence in results

  • Optimal alignment of reagents and system
  • High reliability with antigen-excess security
  • Proven nephelometric technology


Comprehensive solutions

  • Broad menu available from one source: Over 64 assay protocols for management of various clinical indications
  • Routine and specialty assay consolidation


Innovative assays

  • Free Light Chains (FLC) kappa & lambda assays with excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility and high antigen excess security – adding confidence to screening and monitoring of monoclonal gammopathies*
  • CardioPhase® hsCRP – a trendsetting assay acknowledged as independent marker of cardiovascular risk
  • Unique, fully automated Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin (%CDT) assay with the specificity of HPLC
  • Cystatin C – increasing sensitivity and reliability in renal function analysis
  • Active participation in protein method standardization projects


Protis® Data Management Software*

  • Delivers a comprehensive overview of results for each patient
  • Integrates test results from multiple instruments into one report
  • Simplifies data management
  • Supports a broad range of assessment programs: Iron and Anemia, Nutrition, Cardiac Risk, Kidney and CSF Assessment


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*PROTIS Data Management System and PROTIS Assessment Software are not available for sale in the U.S.