SOMATOM Scope Power – RT Pro edition

Focus on the essence

SOMATOM Scope Power – RT Pro edition
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Focus on clinical excellence

How can I get the right image for my treatment preparation and save time and effort?
Image quality and efficient workflows are key in today’s treatment preparation. Scan preparation and image reconstruction workflows are often time-consuming, and prevent you from focusing on what matters: your patients.

Improved visualization with extended FoV
eFoV allows image visualization up to 70cm bore size - thereby bringing excellent visualization even for large patients.

Reduce metal artifact with iMAR
With iMAR Siemens offers metal artifact correction on a completely new level. The algorithm combines all three successful approaches:beam hardening correction, normalized sinogram inpainting, and frequency split. No matter if the artifacts are caused by implants such as i.e. dental fillings, screw, plates or prosthesis, iMAR helps to boost the image quality. The outcome is clinical images that are on a completely new level.

Comprehensive motion management
Motion Management Pro is a comprehensive solution for managing respiratory motion allowing slow acquisitions, fast inhale and exhale protocols, prospective and retrospective 4D imaging with phase, time and amplitude reconstructions. The Open Gating Interface supports interfacing with external motion management devices such as and RPM®1.

Promising new capabilities
With Dual Energy, two datasets at different kV settings are acquired and merged. This allows characterization of tissue and significant metal artifact reduction. This high-end feature also paves the way for promising new applications such as quantitative Z-maps which can be used for more accurate dose calculation.


Focus on cost efficiency

How can I balance patient care and budget control?
Enhancing the financial performance of your institution is key to success. You need to rely on medical technology and services that reduce baseline costs and optimize asset utilization, avoiding system and staff idle time.

The pioneering eStart feature gently warms up the tube after extended periods of non-use. That may be every morning for high-throughput facilities, or prior to each scan in smaller hospitals. This reduces deterioration associated with cold starts, extending the tube’s lifespan. For urgent cases, for example in traumatology, it is of course possible to start the scan without eStart – saving time where it counts.

The easy-to-use eMode enables effective and patient-friendly operation by striking the right balance between dose, image quality, and efficiency. Once the user has repared a scan protocol and entered all required information, eMode analyzes the parameters in real time and instantly fine-tunes the scan. This ensures that the System is not operated at peak or system limit values, reducing wear and tear of all moveable parts while maximizing image quality.

eSleep minimizes electricity consumption while the scanner is not in use, keeping operating costs in check. The CT system automatically enters eSleep mode following extended periods of nonuse, such as at night or during staff lunch breaks. What’s more, the system rapidly returns to scan-ready mode when needed, allowing users to resume their normal routines in no time.

Upgradability matters
The system can be expanded to 32-slices with IVR, with Siemens' Sinogram Affirmed Iterative Reconstruction (SAFIRE) and state-of-art 3D interventional suites to offer additional services such as follow up diagnostic and interventional procedures

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